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Questions & Answers

If you’ve got a question, send us an email and we’ll get back to you. We may share it here anonymously so everyone can learn. 🙂

Here’s a couple of good references:

Q: How do I sign up for a SortArena account?

A: Goto to http://sortarena.com/ click “sign in” (top right) and “create a new rider account” complete the form and submit. This is your BASIC account (no charge) where you will have access to your Rider Dashboard to track and analyze your ride performance over multiple events.

Log in to your Basic account and from your Rider Dashboard, on the right sidebar, click on “View All Events” to see current and past events.

Annual Subscription – to purchase a Paid/Full Subscription so that you can access your penning videos, login to your account and on the left sidebar in the Annual Subscription Benefits box, click on the Discount Options drop-down box and select “BCTCPA Current Member $49.00 USD” or enter the Promo Code “BC777” and complete your subscription. This SPECIAL OFFER ($10 value) is only available until Sept. 30, 2018. Subscription provides riders with access to any/all show results that have been uploaded recently or in the past.

Family Rates – we asked about a special rate/discount for families but unfortunately this is not available at this time, but they want to have that ready for next season.

Q: What does “Home Club” mean on the Membership form?

A: Your “Home Club” is the Club where you submit your CTCPA membership to. It is regardless of where you live or ride. At the end of the year the CTCPA tallies up all the memberships to determine the number of penners in each Club. They also review the competitors at Canadian Nationals to determine the number of members from each Club along with entries and earnings from each Club.

Q: How many shows do I need to ride at to qualify for BC Finals?

A: You must ride at 4 BCTCPA sanctioned shows to qualify for BC Finals, 2 of which must be Club Shows (March & April). Qualifying classes include: Open/12inc, 10/8inc, 7, 5, 2+ and Youth.

We are offering a Buy-In option for 2018 (max 2 buy-ins): $400/Adult rider per show and $200/Youth rider per show
If you’d like to buy-in to qualify for the BC Finals, please go here: BC FINALS 2018 Buy-In Form

Q: Do I need both a Canadian (CTCPA) AND a BCTCPA membership even if I’m not planning on going to Nationals?

A: YES! The Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association (CTCPA) is our governing body and they assign the rating tags. You’ll need your rating number tag to compete at sanctioned shows and you’ll also need to be a CTCPA member in order to have your name appear on the Rider List for online entries.

Q: Can I get a day pass if I want to compete in one event?

A: There are no Day Passes for 2018 BCTCPA sanctioned events. Therefore, if you want to pen at a BCTCPA sanctioned show you must have a full membership, both BCTCPA and CTCPA. If you would like to “try” penning we would suggest that you check out events, practices and jackpots throughout the season. Please checkout the links to local clubs/groups at the bottom of the Calendar of Events page here

Q: How many shows do I need to ride at to qualify for Canadian Nationals?

A: You need 5 shows to qualify for Canadian Nationals. Qualifying classes include: Open/12inc, 10/8inc, 7, 5 and Youth. Note: BC Finals and Calgary Stampede Shows do not count as qualifying shows.

Q: What exactly is a “Double Header” Show?

A: Double Header shows are run as separate shows on each day of a penning weekend (shows may be 2-3 days). However, NOT ALL classes are run on all days.
Double Header classes are Open/12inc, 10/8inc, SR/JR Youth.
You must ride a minimum of one team in the SAME double header class TWICE (one each day) at that show in order to count as two shows (Open/12inc, 10/8inc, SR/JR Youth).
If you only ride in 2+, 5 & 7 classes that will only count as ONE qualifying show.

March & April Club Shows are Double Header Shows and therefore can count as 4 separate shows IF you ride one of the double header classes twice at each show.

Q: How many times can I enter in the Open Class?

A: Any rating combination of riders can ride in the Open Class. The online system we are using this year (2018) allows you to enter Open Teams and Open Draws. When you enter pick teams in the Open you will automatically have one mandatory draw. Remember, max 6 entries is the total of both picks and draws.

Q: Can you please explain the Incentives?

A: The Incentives are in fact, not classes. They are an incentive run within a class, such as Open/12inc and 10/8inc. These are pick team entries, no draws, cannot exceed max. entries. The “incentive” is an additional fee on top of the class entry fee. This is put in to a separate “pot” from the overall class payback. If you place in the Incentive, the payout is based solely on the incentive pot amount. However, an incentive team may also place in the class, meaning that you would receive a payout in both the class and incentive.

Q: Can you please explain the handicap?

A: The handicap is based on a 1/2 (half) second off the run time based on the team combined rating. The Open/12 incentive class offers a handicap based on a max team rating of three #7 riders for a total of 21. Each team entered calculates their handicap based on 21, minus their team rating total. For example a combined team rating of 5 (21-5=16/ 2=8sec) would have 8 seconds taken off their time. This applies to all teams entered in this class.

Q: How many picks/draws can I do in the 2+ Class?

A: This class is pick 1/draw 1 or all draws. For each pick team (3 riders) you enter (two #1 riders and PLUS rider), you are automatically entered on to a draw team.
Alternatively, you can just enter draws if you do not have pick teams to enter. Your TOTAL team count (pick and draw teams) cannot exceed the max. entries for the class.
The PLUS riders (#3 and up rated riders) are randomly entered on to the DRAW teams.

ie. If you enter 3 pick teams you will also have 3 draw teams for a total of SIX teams.

Q: Does the 2+ Class count as a qualifying class for BC Finals?

A: Although this is a non-sanctioned class, it does count as a qualifier for BC Finals (not Nationals).

Q: What are the age divisions for Senior and Junior Youth?

A: The Youth Class has two divisions. Junior Youth riders are 12 years of age or under as of January 1st (a show year is from January 1st to December 31st). Senior Youth Class riders are 13 to 16 years of age as of January 1st.

In the Junior Youth class two youth must ride with one adult. The adult must be 18 years of age or older. The change out of the rider in the Junior Youth class must be a Youth. In the Senior Youth class all riders are Youth. No cross-entries between Junior and Senior Youth classes are allowed.

Q: How many times can I enter the Youth Class?

A: Both Junior and Senior Youth Classes are all draws (no picks), max. entries depending on show.

Q: How is the Youth Hi-Point calculated for year end?

A: Buckles for Hi-Point for Junior and Senior Youth are tallied up on Club Shows only (March, April & BC Finals) based on these calculations: 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd.

Q: Can I enter the same team in the Open Class and 12 Incentive?

A: No, you cannot enter the same team in Classes that also run Incentives, such as the Open/12inc, 10/8inc or 5/3inc. Although they are entered as separate classes in the online entry system, these classes are essentially ONE class as they are run together at the show. You must change out at least one rider.

Q: What are levies and how are they paid?

A: At a BCTCPA sanctioned show, there is a $2.00 BCTCPA levy per rider for each team entered in all classes. If it’s also CTCPA sanctioned there is a $1.25/rider fee collected (on sanctioned classes) for a total of $3.25/team that is paid to CTCPA.

Q: How does the Order of Go work?

A: Team positions for the 1st go-round and cattle numbers will be assigned by an impartial draw. The second go-round shall be run in the reverse order of the 1st go-round placing (slowest to fastest). In the event of a third or fourth go, the team must pen to advance. for more info see: CTCPA Rule Book