Penning 101

What is Team Cattle Penning?

The sport of team cattle penning is fast becoming one of the major horse related events in Europe, the USA and Canada.

It’s fast, exciting and action packed!

This is a timed event involving a team of three riders and thirty head of numbered cattle. The purpose of the team of riders is to ride down the arena, gather up three head of the same-numbered cattle out of a herd of thirty cattle. Then bring them back up the arena into a designated pen in less than 60 seconds.

It sounds easy but there are rules that need to be followed.


  • Any wrong numbered cattle across the foul line
  • Unnecessary roughness is an automatic disqualification
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by a team/or rider
  • Riding a horse that is visibly lame, sick or emaciated
  • Someone other than the team members spotting cattle from the sidelines

Riders are encouraged to maintain a western image and must wear:

  • western hat or protective helmet
  • long sleeved shirt with a collar
  • western styled long pants (jeans without holes)
  • boots

Team Cattle Penning is a sport the whole family can participate in!

There are classes for all levels of riders, including juniors. Each rider is rated or given a number that reflects their ability. Classes are classified to a maximum combined number of the team’s ratings to create a level playing field for all. All you need is a horse, and the will to have a good time. Knowledge of cattle and the handling techniques can be learned from training clinics and fellow members.

Have a look here for the Official 2017 Rule Book by the CTCPA (Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association)

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