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Questions & Answers

If you’ve got a question, send us an email and we’ll get back to you. We may share it here anonymously so everyone can learn. 🙂

Here’s a good reference, the Canadian Team Cattle Penning Rule Book.

Q: Do I need both a Canadian AND a BC membership even if I’m not planning on going to Nationals?

A: YES! The Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association (CTCPA) is our governing body and they hand out the rating tags. You’ll need to know your “number” to make teams and enter your classes.

Q: How many shows do I need to ride at to qualify for BC Finals?

A: You need 4 shows to qualify for BC Finals, 2 of which must be Club Shows. Qualifying classes include: Open/12inc, 10/8inc, 7, 5, 2+ and Youth.

Q: What exactly is a “Double Header” Show?

A: Double Header shows are run as two separate shows on each day of a penning weekend. However, not ALL classes are run on both days. In order to qualify with 2 shows on a Double Header weekend, you must ride a min. of one team both days in a class that runs both days. ie. enter in the Open/12inc, 10/8inc, SR/JR Youth BOTH days.

March & April Club Shows are Double Headers (one show each day) and therefore count as 4 separate shows, IF you ride in the classes that run both days (Open/12inc, 10/8inc, SR/JR Youth). If you ride in a class (such as the 2+, 5 & 7 classes) that only run on ONE day of the Double Header weekend, that will only count as ONE qualifying show.

Q: How many times can I enter in the Open Class?

A: Any rating combination of riders can ride in the Open Class. The BCTCPA rule for 2017 is that you must enter a minimum of 1 pick team, with the option to enter upto 5 more entries, your choice pick/draw, max. 6 entries.

Q: Can you please explain the Incentive Classes (12/8)?

A: The Incentive Classes are run within other classes, such as Open/12inc and 10/8inc. These are pick team entries, no draws, max. 6 entries. The “incentive” is an additional $10/rider on the class entry fee. This is put in to a separate “pot” from the overall class payback. If you place in the Incentive Class the payout is based solely on the incentive pot amount. However, an incentive team may also place in the Open/10 class meaning that you would receive a payout in both classes.

Q: Can you please explain the handicap?

A: The handicap is based on a 1/2 (half) second off the run time based on the team combined rating. The Open/12 incentive class offers a handicap based on a max team rating of three #7 riders for a total of 21. Each team entered calculates their handicap based on 21, minus their team rating total. For example a combined team rating of 5 (21-5=16/ 2=8sec) would have 8 seconds taken off their time. This applies to all teams entered in this class.

Q: How many picks/draws can I do in the 2+ Class?

A: This class is pick 1/draw 1 or all draws. So for each pick team you enter, you are automatically entered on to a draw team. The PLUS riders (#3 and up rated riders) are drawn on to the 2+ teams.

Q: Does the 2+ Class count as a qualifying class for BC Finals?

A: Although this is a non-sanctioned class, it does count as a qualifier for BC Finals (not Nationals).

Q: How many times can I enter the Youth Class?

A: Both Junior and Senior Youth Classes are all draws (no picks), max. 4 entries.

Q: Can I enter the same team in the Open and 12 incentive class?

A: No, you cannot enter the same team in classes that also run Incentives, such as the Open/12inc, 10/8inc or 5/3inc. Although they are entered as separate classes in the online entry system, these classes are essentially ONE class as they are run together at the show. You must change out at least one rider.